10 Gears up

That’s the name of Passione Engadina’s plan for 10 points of improvement and innovation for the 2024 edition of the rally.

You will be informed regularly about this promise of Quality.

Our style is to never be satisfied with ourselves and always want to improve.

A new beginning

For the first time, the starting point of Passione Engadina will be from Silvaplana, in a simply unique and beautiful location.

With a lot more surprises reseved for the participants and who will come to see the rally starts.

Get ready to dream in Val Ferrera

Some might call it “The Enchanted Valley” because of the magnificent roads and views you can encounter while driving through it, but that’s not all.

The Training camp

Warm up your engines at the training camp with new tests and live results.

This year, besides the single time trials, we introduced two chained time trials, at the end of which you will directly see the times and how you performed, for a fast feedback and better chance of improving.

Andreas Caminada cooks for Passione Engadina

The 3 Michelin star Chef welcomes us to his home for an unforgettable culinary experience. After the first part of the Saturday rally we’ll be guests at Schloss Schauenstein.

The Andreas Caminada experience is reserved for our crews only.

Dedicated to our flying Ladies

We are excited to announce that the Ladies’ Cup will take on great importance within the Passione Engadina challenges.

The new concept consists of a real rally with time trials divided into various locations and time controls.

To crown the rally and the prowess of our Ladies, we have decided to allocate a special prize for those who make the most aggressive turn in the “Horse Shoe” in Celerina.

Mamma Rossella is back

Mamma Rossella hosted Ferrari’s best drivers to her restaurant, like Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Charles Leclerc.

She will be back with her Team and her amazing hand-made culinary delicacies to make you feel like the most important and well-known Ferrari pilots during our Sunday Lunch.

Her Ristorante Montana is always a must when traveling to Maranello/Fiorano. The love she puts in every dish she prepares, is the same of a mother to her son.

Be ready to fall in love (again) with Mamma Rossella

Next Gen Cup

Brand new: this year our Next Gen participants will compete in a rally specifically dedicated to them.

The challenge will take place at the wheel of a Microlino, the new electric car with an eye-catching design and bright colours. Guaranteed fun for participants and spectators.

MCXtrema Unleashed

The MCXtrema, spiritual successor to the MC12, is the most extreme track-focused and track-only version of the MC20. Carefully designed by our Eleganza in Movimento judge Klaus Busse and his Team and pushed by the Nettuno V6 engine. The first real example of the MCXtrema will be exhibited in St. Moritz and in the Engadina airport leaving you all speechless… and deaf!

Feast your eyes on our beauties in Via Serlas

Sunday 25th August from 10.30 am to 2.30 pm. Take the chance to stroll among Passione Engadina’s cars, in the beautiful setting of via Serlas, the most prestigious street in St. Moritz.

Discover the details that make those cars so special and choose your favorite.

What’s coming next?