Aiming to compete with Volkswagen’s Beetle and Renault’s 4CV, Fiat introduced the Seicento compact car in 1955 and at the Brussels Motor Show in January 1956 Fiat launched the Multipla variant, literally meaning “multiple”. Offered in a variety of two-tone color combinations, the stylish shape has a tall greenhouse with paper-thin pillars providing excellent 360-degree visibility. It’s fuel efficiency, inexpensive entry costs, reliability, and surprising utility made the 600 Multipla a popular family car, small business runabout and taxi. Still undeniably Italian, the 600 600 Multipla is a simple one-box shape more akin to a micro van than the compact car it’s based on.

The model is faithful to the original and produced for the 8th edition of Passione Engadina.

Collection model, scale 1:43 – 300 models produced.